Uber Epic: Arbitration Agreement Topples Class Claims

In various class actions, all before U.S. District Court Judge Edward Chen, Uber drivers sued for unpaid expenses and tips, claiming that they were entitled to these items as employees, and that Uber had misclassified them as independent contractors. Judge Chen enjoined Uber from enforcing its arbitration agreement, and required Uber to revise the agreement to provide enhanced notice and an extended opt-out period of 30 days.

After Judge Chen certified a class, Uber issued […]

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Mediation And Conciliation In The UAE

Mediation is a non-judicial means of dispute resolution mechanism, and it has become very prevalent because of the disadvantages or limitations faced in litigation. Mediation or conciliation has been for centuries in UAE as it has helped to resolve the disputes cheaply, efficiently and expediently. Sulh or amicable settlement has a long history within Arab and Islamic societies and have their roots in pre-Islamic Arabia. Sulh is the preferred result and process in any form of dispute resolution.

As […]

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Taking Up The Challenge: Claims For Serious Irregularity Under S.68 Of The Arbitration Act 1996

The Commercial Court continues to handle a significant number of challenges to arbitral awards seated in England and Wales. Few are successful. Statistics released by the Commercial Court earlier this year confirm that, in 2016, of 31 claims made under s.68, none were successful. In 2017, the number of claims rose to over 50, yet only two were successful. The threshold for a successful s.68 claim remains high, yet this has done little to […]

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