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Mr. Manner is the senior partner of Brander & Manner. His expertise’s are Corporate law and M&As, Law of Damages, International Trade Law, Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.

Mr. Manner has been the president or member of several arbitration courts.

Mr. Manner has long-term experience of national and international business acquisitions and the drafting of national and international business deals.

The independent “International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers” has yearly nominated approximately ten attorneys from Finland. Mr. Manner has been one of them for several years and he has been the only one outside Helsinki. The Association of Finnish Lawyers awarded Mr. Manner with a business prize in 2005. Mr. Manner was nominated as the best Finnish lawyer in litigation in Best Lawyers Research 2012.

Prior to founding Brander & Manner, Mr. Manner worked as a judge and a presenter in the District Court of Turku and the Turku Court of Appeal, and as a lawyer in a law firm, as the teacher in the University of Turku, Law School.

Mr. Manner has been the President of the Board of the Finnish Bar Association 2001 – 2004 and the Vice President 1998-2001.

His other trustee posts include among others board membership of Elisa Plc, Saunalahti Group Plc, Marva Media Ltd and Satatuote Ltd; Chairman of the board of Turun Osuuskauppa, Faron Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Ruissalo Foundation; Nordea Bank Finland Plc’s Supervisor, Master of the Finnish Savings Bank of Turku, Auditor of the Turku Labor Savings Bank; Honorary president of Turku Law School’s student association Lex; membership in the Turku Chamber of Commerce law committee; membership of the Finnish Lawyer Association’s legal-political committee; membership of the board of the Turku Young Men’s Christian Association; President of the client panel of insurance company If Plc.

In addition Mr. Manner has published articles in legal publications, for example concerning targeted stock issues.

Dispute Resolution and litigation are a central part of advocacy. These require special skills, thorough background work and an ability to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant matters.

Our office is widely appreciated for avoiding and settling national and international disputes. Our primary aim is to avoid any and all disputes or, if this is not possible, try to find an amicable solution in the matter. If necessary, we take responsibility for having the dispute solved in relevant courts.

We represent our corporate and private clients as plaintiffs and defendants at all trials, arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution procedures. We have special expertise in trials dealing with commercial business law, contracts and damages, defending immaterial rights, insolvency matters, construction and real estate disputes and labour law matters.

Our partners often work as arbitrators in different kinds of arbitration procedures.

Attorneys Mr. Martti Brander and Mr. Matti Manner founded Brander & Manner Attorneys at Law Ltd. in 1980. Both the founding partners are still active in the company. Our office has steadily grown to one of Finland’s leading law firms.

Already in the beginning B&M focused on corporate law: contracts, company and tax law, M&A, insolvency law and commercial dispute resolution. We have been able to respond well to the growing need of business law services, which is due to the internationalisation of companies during the past couple of years. In addition to our expertise in business law, we widely know general jurisprudence, such as family and inheritance law and all kinds of court procedures.

We have established a steady position as a capable and reliable corporate law firm. Our clientele is stable and consists of both domestic and international companies and private persons.

In addition to the main office in Turku, B&M has offices in Rauma and in Helsinki.

“The independent “International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers” has yearly nominated approximately ten attorneys from Finland. Mr. Manner has been one of them for several years and he has been the only one outside Helsinki.’”