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Cohausz & Florack
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Erik Schäfer is partner of COHAUSZ & FLORACK, a Düsseldorf firm focussing on IP and technology.

His main areas of practice are arbitration, matters with a technical ‘flavour’ (technology law, IT), intellectual property with all aspects of its commercial exploitation, and commercial law. Since 1994 he has been acting either as counsel or arbitrator in national and international arbitration proceedings. The subject matters of the disputes included inter alia software-projects, engineering and construction, oil-exploration & development, ip-licenses, outsourcing, purchase-, distribution-, and R&D agreements, service and marketing contracts, shareholder- and IP-purchase agreements, e-payment clearance, know-how and patent related disputes.

Mr. Schäfer chairs the Task Force on IT & Arbitration and co-chaired the Task Force on Expertise Proceedings of the ICC Commission on Arbitration. He was member of the eDisclosure Task Force and of the IBA Working Group on the State Investor Mediation Rules. He was among the founders and chairs of the Austro-German chapter of the Club Español de Arbitraje and is member of GRUR, LES, MARQUES, ASA, CEPANI, IBA, ICCA, and DIS. He is a trained mediator.

The publications of Mr. Schäfer cover a variety of topics pertaining to the fields in which he is active, such as „Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit und Mediation“, Torggler (Ed.) „Praxishandbuch Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit“, „Arbitration of Intellectual Property Law Disputes in Germany“ in Böckstiegel et al (Ed.), „Arbitration in Germany“, and “Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit in IT/IP-Prozessen” in Kilian/Heussen (Ed.) “Computerrechtshandbuch”, Loosleaf N°28/2010.

Mr. Schäfer speaks and writes English, Spanish, French and German. He has conducted arbitral proceedings as chairman or sole arbitrator in these languages.

Cohausz & Florack was established in 1954 by patent attorneys Werner Cohausz (†1995) and Wilhelm Florack (†1974) in Düsseldorf. The origins go back to a firm in Berlin managed by Werner Cohausz in the thirties.

Given the industrial structure of the adjoining Ruhr area at that time, COHAUSZ & FLORACK initially provided legal consultancy services primarily to enterprises in the field of heavy industry. Soon, undertakings in other lines of business such as railway and motor vehicle construction, agricultural engineering and textile machine construction joined the firm’s clientele.

COHAUSZ & FLORACK offers comprehensive legal and technical sound advice and attendance worldwide. To do this, we rely on a sophisticated network of foreign colleagues which was established in the beginnings of COHAUSZ & FLORACK, further developed and is carefully watched in every day work.

“Erik is a seasoned attorney with a sophisticated understanding of dispute resolution and international law. He is one of the top lawyers in his field. Erik combines in depth expertise of international arbitration as well as an pragmatic way of approaching legal problems. Last, but not least, his command of French, Spanish, and English is remarkable.”
Daniele Favalli, Vischer AG