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Azzedine Kettani obtained his Law Degree from Faculty of Rabat, Juris Doctor, Phd Faculty of Paris and Faculty of Nice, France. He was admitted to the Casablanca Bar on July 16, 1968 and admitted before the Highest Court of Justice of the Kingdom of Morocco (Supreme Court). He founded Kettani Law Firm in 1971, currently having more than 100 associates.

Professor Kettani is listed in Martindale Hubble/Lexis Nexis – Practical Law, Legal 500, Chambers Global, Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book and the Lloyd’s Maritime Directory. He specializes in Business Law and Arbitration/Mediation.

  • Is a member of the ICSID panel of arbitrators appointed in September 2011 through 2017
  • Member of the panel of arbitrators of Dubaï International Arbitration Center
  • Member of the European Court of Arbitration
  • Member of ICC Court of Arbitration, Morocco
  • Has been teaching international arbitration and supervising academic studies in the same matter
  • Has been appointed by the Moroccan Government as a member of the special committee for the reform of arbitration rules under the Moroccan Code on Civil Proceeding
  • Has been practicing national and international arbitration for more than 35 years as sole arbitrator, member of a tribunal or as representative of a party under ICC and ICSID rules (currently handling several cases in the said capacities)
Mediation and arbitration are now the most effective means of conflict resolution, by the speed of their procedures, their costs, or by the confidentiality that is increasingly sought by the parties.

The Moroccan legislature has, by various texts encouraged the use of this alternative means of dispute resolution that has also the benefit of releasing the courts’ workload.

KLF, through its founder, was among the first professionals to be interested in it, and initiates numerous cases before various authorities, in which it provides its clients with a legal representation by specialized lawyers in this area.

Beside the role of KLF as a lawyer or counsel for the parties, Professor Azzedine Kettani is also widely recognized as arbitrator both nationally and internationally.

He is a member of the Moroccan Court of Arbitration of the ICC Morocco and was recently ranked as the president of the Mediation Centre of this chamber in 2013.

He is frequently named as sole arbitrator, as well as member or chairman of arbitral tribunals, and is a chartered arbitrator of the Court of appeal of Casablanca.

Internationally, his recognized expertise allowed him to be appointed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Paris) as an arbitrator for many years.

Professor Azzedine Kettani has also been appointed by the ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes) as an arbitrator or chairman of arbitral tribunals for many years.

In September 2011, he was named for six years by the President of the World Bank, acting as the ICSID’ s Chairman of the Board of Director, as a member of the panel of 10 international arbitrators.

He is also a member of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre panel of arbitrators and as such, he was named as sole arbitrator or chairman of the arbitral tribunal on many occasions.

All these activities reflect favourably on KLF, which reputation in the field of domestic or international arbitration is well established.

The law firm of Azzedine Kettani was created in 1971

In 2011, it was the first legal entity to register as a private lawyers’ partnership (“société civile professionnelle”) in Casablanca under the name of KETTANI LAW FIRM SCP (“KLF”).

KLF is divided into 4 departments:

  • Arbitration
  • Consulting
  • Litigation
  • Dedicated units

KLF is the largest Moroccan independent law firm composed of 120 employees in its Casablanca head office.

“Areas of expertise for Kettani Law Firm’s dispute resolution team include employment, debt recovery and intellectual property. Azzedine Kettani is frequently appointed as an arbitrator in ICSID and DIAC arbitration proceedings.”
The Legal 500, 2015